Top Database Management Software for remote DBA Support in Business

Powerful Data Management Software for Remote DBA Support

It is proven that database management system or DBMS is one of the most indispensible features for any modern day organization. Without this tool, it is not possible to manage large amount of data in an organized way. Several data management software products are available in the market; however, choosing the best one is still a matter of concern for any business.

In this article, we will talk about some top ranked database management
software products for Remote DBA support.

IBM Informix
This optimized and embedded tool makes the edge devices smarter with seamless integration of backend and cloud analytics. Its capabilities like self healing, self managing and self configuring ensure its virtually unattended run and thus it is very easy to use. It ensures one of the widest options to keep data available at all times, which includes zero downtime maintenance.

Oracle Database 12c

This tool can quickly consolidate numerous databases and manage as a cloud service because of its multitenant architecture. It caters to diverse budget and business needs and is thus available in three editions, which are Enterprise, Standard and Standard One. It also comes with in-memory data that process capabilities to deliver breakthrough analytical performance.


Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server makes use of faster insights and in-memory technologies from any data to any user. It also works as a suitable platform for deploying, managing and building solutions on cloud and various premises. You can build big data solutions and mission critical applications using its analytic workloads, business intelligence, data warehousing and in-memory high performance technology across OLTP.

Application Manager
The DBM is enterprise-ready software that comes with an affordable and user-friendly application management solution that helps any organization to monitor data centric applications effectively. Application Manager will allow the user to monitor web servers, web applications, database and application servers that are considered as the lifeline of any business.

CONNX is metadata, data access and integration data management software that works to enhance operational efficiencies and helps to reduce cost through a single set platform. By utilizing market standard protocols like ODBC, .NET or JDBC, the user will be able to avail single point of data connection. The latest DBM software offers enterprise grade scalability and security with full ELT capabilities.

Indigo DQM
Indigo DQM is top-level data management software, it is also known as query and reporting program, which has been designed to reduce data assets, intelligence and information. The latest Indigo DQM product efficiently consolidates and manages all data assets of the company into a data store. The software includes all operational activity required for efficient data management mechanism.

ClusterControl is one of the top most choices for those organizations that want to keep their information safe from public view. The data management software works as platform with independent automation. The program offers solution for MongoD8, MySQL and PostgreSQl for preparing database in most organized way.

FileMaker Server
This can be one of the easiest database programs to use and used by the companies that want user-friendly database management system for them. However, FileMaker Server is a relational database server that can easily support up to 205 concurrentguests along with 125-hosted files.

Brilliant Database
This effective database management software provides multiple database solutions for users. The most important feature of this database program is that it allows users to create forms, queries, scripts and provide the opportunity to use any kind of database to the authorized users within an organization.

Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon SimpleDB is one of most popular database management software tools today. The most important thing about the software is that the tool is highly available and come with flexibility as a non-relational data store that also offloads the work of stored database for the users.

Alventis database
Alventis database is also known as universal information manager, because the software is completely user-friendly and user-definable. A few most common features are tables, queries forms, reports, etc.

Choosing any of the above tool can help you to get good support for data management.

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