Top 8 Browsers for accessing the web

While most of us a familiar with Internet Explorer and to a lesser extent Mozilla Firefox there are other browsers that can be downloaded and used as an alternative.

I have listed the top eight browsers as below.

Internet Explorer –
Top of the list and the most used browser today comes from Microsoft.
It has all the advantages of being able to integrate into the Windows o/s  and comes with a wide range of functionalities.

Mozilla Firefox –
No 2 in the most used browser on the nternet. Brought to you by Mozilla it has a full suite of addons that can improve your browsing experience.

Google Chrome –
Google has provided a very fast, secure browser with a high level of built in security.

Apple Safari –
The default browser of choice for Mac users. Now also available for windows.

Opera –
malware protection, built-in phishing protection and strong encryption. can delete HTTP cookies and private data. This is available in windows, mac and linux versions.

Phase Out –
enables multiple searches with the major search engines just with one click.

Deepnet Explorer –
first browser with RSS news reader, P2P client integration and phishing alarm.
very secure and user friendly, compatible with Windows only.

Avant –
user-friendly fast browser. Protects from malware or adware problems.
only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

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