Top 10 iPhone apps for Business

Smart Phones are becoming more and more popular these days and are
seen as an essential business tools for anyone on the move in business.

The iPhone has a wide range of Business Apps available.
A good Business application can utilise the enormous capabilities of the iPhone.
These business apps offer a diverse selection of tools to help a business person
be more productive in their daily activities.

Whether they are involved in local or  international business travel..

We have compiled a list of useful business iPhone apps for you to review.

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1. Mileage Counter
This app helps you to calculate your vehicle’s fuel consumption.
Handy for anyone working on the road who needs regular milage reports.

2. VAT calculator
A list of countries is available for you to instantly calculate VAT in a variety of countries.

3. Currencie
Keep an eye on a variety of exchange rates, each equipped with a calculator
that goes between your currency and the foreign one.

4. Attendance Countdown

Tracks your working hours easily and quickly. Tap on the time to specify your arrival.
The app counts down how many working hours
you have left, and allows you to email times for your own records or for your boss.

Map Mailer
Send Google maps locations via email by clicking on a map location, entering text, and sending.
Emails come with links to Google Maps. Twice the accuracy and half the cell phone
calls for finding colleagues and friends.

6. Salesforce Mobile for the iPhone
Instant customer information on’s mobile platform. What more could you ask for?

7. SugarSync
Access your Mac or PC back in the office from anywhere, anytime, viewing and sharing a variety of files.

8. Local city real time traffic reports
Detailed, real-time traffic conditions with all the usual radio information—what happened,
how bad it is, time it happened—plus a map and GPS location.

9. Language Translator
Translates more than 20 languages through the Google language translator.

10. Airport Flight Delays data, fitted like a glove to your iPhone.
Check out delay info to see if you can sleep in or languish a little longer.


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