The wonders of the New Mercedes AMG GT


From the outset, it is clear that the Mercedes AMG-GT will push
boundaries and raise stakes in the car technology field.

The car is always in competition with the likes of Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin.
It will be designed to be extremely fast with an awesome design to match.
With that in mind, you can imagine how ground-breaking the technology must be.

The AMG badge represents something very special. The extraordinary brand started
off as its own tuning company.  Now they represent a very sporty, classy type of
vehicle associated with the Mercedes brand.
The fact that the engines are hand-made adds an extra dimension to the car.

It has been confirmed that the Mercedes AMG GT will be made from scratch.
The only other AMG model to be produced in the same fashion was the SLS.

Aluminium complementing the Car’s performance
Altogether the body shell of the car weighs just 231kg. The total kerb weight is just 1540kg. How are these remarkable figures achieved?

The chassis with the GT is made from aluminium. It has a similar type of construction as that of the C-Class. If carbon fibre tubs were to be used, it would have a more negative effect as it restricts volumes and also costs more. With the platform being built in such a way, Mercedes can produce future sports cars in a different and more beneficial way for the company.

With the exterior body being built from 90% aluminium, which is a lightweight material, it helps the vehicle achieve a better performance. Acceleration levels are increased along with stopping distances. The vehicle’s handling is also improved with the material helping its agility.

With the AMG GT attempting to save weight wherever possible, why is the boot lid made from steel? How does this save weight? According to Tobias Moers, the steel material actually saves weight for this particular body part when compared to the use of aluminium, due to the thickness needed.

Superb engine technology
The weight loss pattern continued into the vehicle’s engine too. The 4.0 litre M178 V8 twin turbocharged engine may indeed sound like an engine which is much less powerful than its predecessor. The last engine has a 6.3 litre V8. Nowadays you will notice downsizes in engines with most car upgrades, even with sports cars. Fuel economy is becoming just as important as speed.

The car will come on forms of 456 BHP and 503 BHP. The dry-sump engine lubrication allows the car to achieve amazing results on track.

The engine, designed by AMG, is based on four cylinder direct injection petrol engine, seen in the new Mercedes A-Class. The key to the amazing efficiency derives from the spray guided fuel injection and combustion chamber.

How the transmission works
The transmission will be a seven speed DCT, also seen in the SLS. This is mounted upon the rear axle and works together with the front mid-engine configuration. This allows the weight distribution to be delivered 43% to the front, and 57% to the back of the car.

Plenty of rivals
With such heavy focus on weight saving technology, could this the difference which sets the Mercedes AMG GT apart from BMW and Porsche? The Audi R8 and the Jaguar F-Type could also prove to be strong rivals. However Mercedes have clearly developed a very strong contender in what will be a very fierce market.

If you want to get your hands on one, it will cost £95,000 for the standard version and £110,000 for the S Version.

This article was written by Oliver Richmond, Director of Servicing Stop.
Servicing Stop are the nation’s number one car service company with coverage nationwide.

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