The Metaverse for Cows is Here and YOU’RE NEXT

Future Virtual World

The metaverse is already here… for cows. Farmers around the world are beginning to immerse their animals in a virtual world but the truth is with the advent of the metaverse big corporations want to do the same thing to you.
So why are farmers plugging their cows into virtual worlds and what does it have to do with Zuckerberg’s plan for you and the metaverse? It’s all about tricking you into believing your life is better than it is all for the purpose of harvesting your resources. Let me explain. A dairy farm in Russia has equipped their cows with VR headsets to simulate bright summer days to decrease anxiety and improve their mood. Another farm in Turkey has done the same thing with… less of a sophisticated method to give the cows the simulated experience of grazing in a field with green grass. What’s the purpose? According to the farmer its effective at increasing milk production. This is almost the exact plot of the matrix, by the way. Does that imply a cow will wake up, become the one, lead a revolt against the farmers and break all the other cows free?
Credit to : MorgueOfficial

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