The Coolest Invention of 2016: Cold-Pressed Juice at Home with No Mess

coolest invention of 2016Mention at-home juicing to anyone who’s really tried it and the first thing that inevitably comes up is the nightmare of clean-up. Both pressed and masticating juicers come with a long list of parts, none of which are dishwasher friendly. Given those truths, the promise of Juicero, a gorgeously designed, kitchen counter-friendly, at-home juicer that churns out fresh, cold-pressed juice mess-free, is about as appealing as it gets. Here’s how it works: Juicero’s facility in California packages locally sourced, triple-washed, pre-chopped organic produce in ready-to-use packs, which come with all the ingredients needed to make an 8-ounce juice. The packs, which last about a week in the fridge, can be ordered online or through their app and delivered straight to your door. Each one fits neatly into the machine, which uses an astonishing four tons of power to press the vegetables into juice in just a few minutes. When it’s finished, the flattened pack (they’re working toward fully compostable packaging by the end of the year) can be opened up to harvest the remaining fiber, which is useful for other cooking projects.

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