The Benefits of using CCTV

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television transmits 
signals to specifically appointed monitors
or monitoring systems.
Monitor sets that get the signal from a CCTV camera are
specified and are also limited in number.
While broadcast television transmits the signal openly,
a CCTV security camera sends the signal to the pre-determined monitors only.
The Audio-visual signal is then saved as a file in a digital
storage device to be viewed or re-viewed later.

CCTV as a high security tool

The most popular use of CCTV is as a reliable tool for high security surveillance. One can find these security cameras in crowded places or locations where security concern forms top priority. Such places include banks, airports, ATM points, casinos etc. Individuals or organisations also choose to install CCTV cameras for their in-house security management.

Closed Circuit Television also finds use in the recording of a process that is monitored and controlled from a central point. The nature of certain industrial processes is harmful for people; therefore, CCTV is also designed to monitor and put such processes under check. Example of such processes are those that are performed inside reactors or within facilities that are engaged in nuclear fuel production; in some cases, the law will mandate the installation of Closed Circuit television cameras in places where these processes take place.

In recent times, you can even come across a CCTV camera inside taxis. The essence is to prevent violence or harm against the taxi driver. Also, police vans that embark on surveillance mission are equipped with this security camera.

Controversy that surrounds the CCTV usage

The key role played by a security camera is in monitoring and maintaining the various security aspects. However, due to the increased use of this tool in its various forms and occasions by different people, there has been a rising controversy regarding its extensive use and possible limitations. One of the arguments on the use of CCTVs is that it violates the right to privacy. People are of the opinion that the right to privacy has been increasingly diminished with the unrestricted use of this security technique.

Initially, the use of CCTV was restricted inside government facilities and other sensitive places like banks. But now it’s been accessed and used by individuals and business. The price for this security system has decreased substantially and therefore is now affordable to individuals for private use in homes and for small business enterprises. There is a debate on whether Closed Circuit Television has a significant effect on crime detection, particularly for the fact that these security systems have become targets of violence themselves.

Are there Benefits accruing from the Use of CCTV?

Of course, these security cameras play great roles in crime detection; the images captured by the security cameras can serve as evidence for the prosecution of criminals.
Besides being security based, CCTVs also serve as a safety feature, especially when they are found in places such as amusement parks. Here, they are used to deter anyone from harm when the ride begins. They are also used as safety systems in trains to ensure that there is no casualty when the doors are automatically closed.

CCTV cameras are also helpful in quickly detecting Accidents or Traffic congestion; in essence, the camera is an aspect of the system that monitors traffic. The CCTV is also used as a security and detection system to read the registration plates of vehicles so that the owner could be traced for traffic rules violation or tolling systems.


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