Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Water Heating Systems for your Home or Business


Solar Water Heating acts as a perfect replacement to Electricity based Water Heating System.

Water Heating is one of the most important uses of electricity in typical households. A solar water heater collects direct as well as indirect sunlight and converts it to spontaneous heat energy. This technique of energy conversion works even in the overcast conditions. The solar water heater reduces the expense on electricity and proves as an efficient means of non conventional energy. Solar water heating provides a convenient method to get the continuous supply of hot water for domestic as well as industrial purposes.


Figures reveal that one square meter of Solar Water Heating Panel on your roof receives the equivalent of more than 100 liters of oil in free solar energy per year. It is absolutely essential for the masses to be aware of the process by which the solar water heater produces ample heat energy. This heat, in turn, is consumed by household appliances to derive energy and perform various tasks. Solar water heating equipments are available with two components:

1.Storage Tanks
2.Solar collectors

The major element of the solar water heater is the absorber which is located inside the collector, which collects solar radiation and converts it into heat. Heat collectors exist in two forms. One is evacuated tubes and other is flat plates. Evacuated tubes are known to be more efficient as they consume less space. Heat is then directly transferred from the absorber to the circulating liquid which is a mixture of air and water. Popularly, there are two heat generating systems, active and passive. Active solar water heating systems comprise of circulating pumps and controls that the passive ones do not. In two-tank systems, the solar water heater preheats water before it enters the conventional water heater.

Solar water heaters are completely tested and guaranteed for 10 years. In addition, these superb solar water heating solutions have been approved for the SEI Greener Homes Scheme, which means that you can qualify for a grant of € 300 per m2 (to max. 12 m2).

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