Solar Water Heating: The Power of Sun harnessed with Human Technology

Solar water heating is an effective way to conserve heat from sunrays with the help of domestic hot water systems. Better than the conventional water heating systems, the technology used in solar water heating is suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment and supports a variety of applications. As surveys reveal, water heating is the second largest means of energy consumption in usual households. This engulfs a huge wastage of electricity and rise of electric bills, and in turn facilitates the exhaustion of valuable non renewable energy resources. Hence, solar water heating proves as an ideal way to solve all problems regarding usage of domestic electricity and water heating.

The best thing about the solar water heating systems is that the fuel they use is free i.e. sunlight. A solar water heater can convert both direct and indirect sunlight into heat and other sources of energy. So it works even with an overcast sky. Solar water heating systems include two major components. They are:

* Storage tanks.
* Solar collectors.

The Storage tanks are responsible for holding heated water for bathing and warming purposes. This tank is well insulated so the inner temperature is maintained. Collectors come in two forms, flat and evacuated tube solar collectors. The main element of a solar collector is the absorber that absorbs direct solar radiation and then switches it to heat. Evacuated tube solar water heating systems are known to be more efficient and hence more popular. There are two types of solar water heating systems in particular, active and passive. The advantage of active systems over the passive counterparts is that they are equipped with circulating pumps and controls.

The Solar water heating systems are part of the greenhouse scheme that aims to retain the natural climatic conditions and prevent the effects of Global warming all over. We are the global manufacturers of quality solar water heating equipment and are an approved member of the SEI greener house scheme. Our products come with a 10 year guarantee and getting fully tested by our panel of skilled designers. Solar water heating systems are easy to install in both new and existing dwellings and integrated with domestic power and gas supplies.