Solar Panels for sufficient Energy for our Domestic as well as Industrial Purposes

Solar Panels are the simplest form of technology for making the best use of renewable energy. The Sun is considered as the ultimate source for energy for all living forms on earth. As known widely, on a bright sunny day, the sun supplied around 1000 watts of energy on every square meter of earth’s surface. The most appropriate method to conserve fuel sources and yet produce sufficient energy for our domestic as well as industrial purposes is to collect this solar energy. Solar Panels are devices that collect and convert this solar energy from sun and convert into electricity and heat.

The working of Solar Panels is very simple and easy to understand. The total structure consists of three major components namely Photovoltaic module, solar thermal collector and solar hot water panel. The photovoltaic cell in the Solar panels is responsible for producing electricity from sunrays. Alternatively, the thermal collector holds the sun heat and is used for heating purposes. The Solar water panel is a distinct mechanism that is used for water heating function in homes. To transform heat from sun light into usable forms, Solar panels employ modular array systems which are wired jointly in expandable design. Abundant exposure to sunlight and correct installation of Solar Panels is all that one needs to receive a free flow of electricity and reduction in huge electric bills at home.

The inclusion of Photovoltaic(PV) cells and Solar panels in households and industrial set ups is a part of the solar revolution that has occurred all over the world since 2 decades. Latest research shows two different mechanisms to make use of solar energy. They are:

Solar water heating collectors: These kinds of Solar panels absorb direct solar energy and utilize tit in heating water.
Solar electric or PV cells: such panels convert solar radiation into direct current.

For maximum efficiency, it is advised to mount Solar panels on a roof that faces south at an angle of 30 degrees. The surface of the solar panels should avoid any shadows or objects that block its direct interaction with sunrays. Solar panels are a smart way to conserve household electricity and wastage of fuels hence producing required energy from the ever free warm rays from the sun.

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