Scientists New Discovery On Proxima B Shocks The Entire Space Industry

Humanity’s most significant triumphs in Space Observatio

The James Webb Space Telescope is turning out to be one of humanity’s most significant triumphs in space observation! The scientific community is excited because it is significantly
more powerful than any previous space telescope ever launched by humanity! It will allow them
to investigate very distant things in space, something they have never been able to do before.
Proxima b will be one of the targets studied by the JWST to determine whether artificial light is
emanating from the planet! And Yes, you read that correctly! Scientists want to know if the
lights from Proxima b are the result of aliens! What will the JWST observe when it zeroes in on
the exoplanet, and how will it influence you? This is what we’re going to learn today.
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Proximabis a rocky world 4.25 light years from Earth in the habitable zone of the M-class red
dwarf star Proxima Centauri, which is only 12% the mass of our Sun, Proxima b is larger than us,
weighing roughly 1.6 Earth masses and measuring 1.3 times our radius. It circles Proxima
Centauri every 11.2 days at a distanice of 7 million kilometers – only 5% of the distance that
Earth orbits the Sun.
There are a number of indicators that alien technology exists on another world. For example, the
transit of a vast constellation of satelites (in the direction we’re heading) may allow us to see the
light of a faraway globe flicker. Nuclear confrontatio, may cause atmospheric pollution (ouch).
However, while these technological indicators mightbe created by natural phenomena like
orbital debris or a comet impact, artificial illumination is separate from natural light from stars.
Credit to : Tech Land

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