Scientists found out that Jupiter does Something Unusual that affects the Earth!

Jupiter does Something that affects Earth!

In order to understand the mechanisms of the universe, it is important to study the different celestial bodies of our solar system in detail. Even though mankind succeeded in setting foot on the moon for the first time more than 50 years ago, space exploration in general is still in its infancy. To erase the white spots from the star map, the space agency NASA regularly carries out unmanned missions. During these missions, space probes are sent out into the vastness of the galaxy, where the highly technological equipment then collects important data and images that help researchers gain new insights into the functioning of our planetary system. In today’s video, we would like to share with you the journey of the Juno spacecraft, which departed for Jupiter several years ago. The information and images obtained so far with the help of the #spacecraft have sometimes brought to light important new findings about the fifth planet of our solar system for the experts. However, some puzzling phenomena could also be observed on Jupiter, which still leave experts with big question marks. But see for yourself!

Credit The Simply Space

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