Protect your Business assets with an asset tracking device

There is more to practicing good security policy than
just focusing on the security within the premises,
you also have to take into consideration other valuable
assets in your businesses that are prone to theft.

If you’ve had the bad experience of being a victim of theft – you
are probably aware of the expensive cost to replace the stolen
goods – as well as the frustration that comes with the territory.

If you want to enhance the security of your valuable assets, you should consider
using asset tracking devices.

Using asset GPS tracking devices, it is now possible to track your assets in real-time ,
where some models come with a blazing fast refresh rate of between 5 and 10 seconds.
When it comes to the accuracy of the asset GPS tracking device, you’ll be surprised to
know that some models are accurate to within 12 inches. The service plans are also
affordable, where it will cost less than £1 per day for real-time asset GPS tracking service.

To determine if your business needs asset tracking or not – use the checklist below:

  • Does your business have a lot of expensive asset and equipment?
  • Do you leave the valuable asset and equipment unattended for a long period of time?
  • Has there been any instance of theft of equipment or property before?

If the answers to the three questions above are a resounding yes, then the asset tracking
is something that you need to consider. Getting the tracking device is different from
insurance, because the latter in this case never really reimburse your losses 100 percent.
On the other hand, the asset tracking device helps you track down the stolen or lost items
and recover them.

Did you know that your insurance premium will go down significantly if you have a Asset
tracking device

installed? This is just one of many benefits of using such device.

Check out how the tracking device can benefit your business.

  • Instant notification when your asset is tampered with or moved from the designated
  • Track stolen items
  • Gives enough information of the location of the stolen items for the authority to
    recover the items

There is no denying the benefits that you get from installing asset tracking device will far
outweigh the initial investment.

Do what is necessary to protect your asset today and get in touch with a provider.

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