Press Releases and Article Syndication

Press Releases /Article Syndication

With the search engines now generating 80% of all online traffic is essantial to place your website high in their rankings, links to your website from other sources of relevant content is what the search engines feed on.

Writing articles about your products or services and posting them in various places around the internet with links pointing back to your website is a very positive action, here are the reasons.

1. Browsers go online looking for information and they are expecting to get it for free. By providing content, you give browsers another reason to go to your site. Once browsers find content they are interested in, you have the opportunity, using email marketing to stay in touch with them and hopefully turn them into customers.

2. With a large store of relevant content, other webmasters will link to you, increasing your link popularity and eventually your rank on the search engines. In addition, so-called ‘natural links’ like this increase targeted traffic to your site.

3. Websites that are growing in size with new content as well as incoming links from other websites are what the Search engines, especially Google strive to place high in their index.
Tip: To find article submission sites where you can publish your articles, go to Google and type the words “submit an article” + “your area of interest”. Some well known sites to submit your articles (and find free articles published by other authors), are:

Marketing Seek


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Ezine Articles – –
Web Host Industry Review –
Common Connections –
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