Online Promotion

The internet is a vast repository of marketing tools for your business or business website;
there are plenty of online promotion resources for your company to take
advantage of, if only you to use them to the best effect.

Online promotion of a company’s products or services has become more
of a necessity than an optional marketing strategy;
the internet has become one of the most crucial marketing platforms in the history of mass marketing.
There are plenty of online Marketing  strategies that you can employ; let us take a look at few of them.

Online promotion strategies that work:

  • Press Releases:
    These may include promotional articles or news about current launches, published on the internet news portals.
    Submitting press releases to these electronic news sites help keep your customers updated about the latest additions, and help create buzz about your company’s products or services that is favorable in the context of attracting new clients.
    This is one of the most effective online promotion strategies.


  • Search Engine Optimisation
    The traffic experienced by your website is greatly increased if you position your web pages to rank on top of the search engine results.
    SEO is one of the most targeted and widely used online promotion strategies that are used today.
    There are certain advantages of this online promotion strategy;
    by tailoring your website to be ranked at the top of different search engine results you can gain insightful knowledge about the market, what the customers are looking for, and what they want, by studying the existing top ranking websites for a particular market.
    Through favorable search engine positioning, marketers can look to convert casual browsers into long term, quality customers.


  • Referral links
    These are links of your company’s website on other sites.
    If visitors visit those particular sites, they can visit your website by clicking on the link provided.
    This particular online promotion strategy allows business to gain new customers, who are not usual visitors to their business websites.
    Also, this is a good way to gain entry into a new market, if you use similar business websites as yours, you can tap into the existing client base for that particular niche product or service.


  • Listing through blogs
    The referral links to your website are multiplied to a great extent through sets of blog posts that carry your website’s link.
    The effectiveness of this online promotion strategy is clearly proven, with much of the result coming from the distribution of such posts through a large number of websites.
    More and more businesses are benefiting from this linking strategy;
    the trick is to target a multiple linking system through intelligent distribution than just rely on a few referral links.


  • Email Marketing
    This is a direct approach to online promotion, via emails.
    Sending your clients regular updates or generating a client list from
    previous online campaigns helps in product promotion.
    You can create unique email campaigns that would feature a word of mouth element,
    passing on the email to their friends, etc.


  • Non-linked promotion
    Although there has been a lot of interest in referral link online promotion techniques,
    the classic non linked promotional campaigns still works.
    General advertising about your products or services through non linked pages is
    effective as the other online Marketing strategies.

Hope you will make good use of the above mentioned online promotion ideas
and succeed in your online endeavors.

Thanks the Techstore Team


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