SpaceX Starship

SpaceX is working to change the face of galactic exploration and space tourism forever. This has resulted in some major updates to the Starship, booster rockets, and the relevant structures such as the mechazilla. Many of these insane upgrades go by unheard-of every day. We have brought some of these improvements that no one has heard of but will play a pivotal part in the upcoming launches of Ship 20.

All eyes are on SpaceX as they work for the test flights of the world’s most infamous spacecraft. If everything goes according to plan, there will be no stopping humans from being a multi planet species. In no time, we will be able to call the moon, planet mars, and areas beyond them one of our many intergalactic homes. What major changes have been made to the starship and mechazilla? How will these enhance the performance of Ship 20 in the coming days? What other problems have to be solved by the team very soon?

Credit Tech Life

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