New factors to be considered within Internet Marketing

There are three new and important factors to be considered within Internet Marketing

Proliferation is a situation that arises due to many varieties of the same product in the market. Sometimes also this may be because of brand loyalty, where people have developed such a taste for that particular brand that they may never feel comfortable trying out a new product.

Rationalization is then introduced by the company for her own benefit. Though not good for clients, rationalization increases profitability by first reducing the essential minimum. This reduction makes the client lose value, thus may in the long run hurt the business, unless on contingency plans ill have been made to standardize the products into various sizes, turning the benefit back to clients as the company makes profit.

Standardization thus makes the client have choice, from large to small, and therefore be allowed repurchase what fits his or her pocket!

Can this be applied in Internet marketing?

Indeed, these three aids to marketing can help push business in the shortest time possible. The fact that these three interchange; there is flexibility of choice, giving both the client and the company benefits. In Internet marketing, if we take an example of a software company, then we can draw the conclusion that there are thousands of software companies trying to make a buck. But then there are services that can be split down to make the whole package seem cheaper. With extended payment module you are assured of long term payment from one client. This assurance of monthly or yearly fee, allows the company to remain profitable.

In the first case, the mere numbers of the web based software companies poses threats. Why will people decide to deal with you for instance? What is the difference between your product and that of your many competitors? What are the actual benefits of using your product or service over the others? If you can answer these questions adequately then you are half way to being an internet marketing guru.


When you have an internet based company, it is still classified in two, service, or product based. This company will run the very same way a normal company works, as a product developer, the company will have to develop supply chains, and do thorough market research. During research, you will come across objections, complaints and suggestions by clients. The company will be faced with competition from other companies giving the same products, and yet they might cover a lower rate than your company’s rate, but then eventually, your marketing strategy gives you the prospect of standardizing and rationalizing your products and or services for maximum profitability. Enhancing your services is always wonderful way of maintaining loyalty among your clients, and in addition finding new clients to extend your base.

The many ways of standardizing your services are always available in many internet marketing resources around the world. For instance, if you have a turnkey web development approach, then maybe it is always okay to try out is to separate the various aspects of web design, and mainstream them as product lines; That way you can always get full payment for parts of services that in the end if added up would be higher than if you were to charge a single fee for the whole process.