Micro Generation of electrical power

Micro Generation is the generation of electrical power using renewable energy or those devices that run on petroleum fuels but with high efficiencies providing reduced home energy bills for you.

ESB Network defines presently the following capacities as Micro generation systems.

• Those with less than 5.75 kw if single phase which means the maximum current is 25A (amperes)
• Those with less than 11 kw if Three Phase and maximum current per phase is 16A

Importance of micro generation in Ireland
The SEI in Ireland has a two fold mission set for itself by the government.
• To reduce the energy consumed by you by way of improving energy efficiency.
• To promote the application of renewable energy in order to safe guard the environment and with a host of other associated benefits..

Encouraging Micro generation at domestic and small establishment level SEI hopes to reduce the 7% energy wasted during transmission from remote Power Plants.
The Irish government aims to produce 40% of the total countries electrical energy needs by 2020 by way of renewable energy as primary fuel. It also envisages the setting up of CHPs to generate 800 MW by the same year.
Micro generation is expected make a significant contribution towards achieving these goals

How Micro Generation will benefit you
• The independent power generator at home level will reduce part of the grid power you presently purchase at ever increasing energy prices. This means low energy bills for you.
• Importantly it will hedge the future electricity tariff increases.
• T will reduce green house gas emissions and improve your homes carbon foot print
• Your country will depend less on imported fossil fuels
• As mentioned above the 7% transmission loss will be cut down by the generation at point of usage.
• With the proposed export of surplus electricity generation to the utility grid you will recover your investment sooner and also will make some money for you.
• Your BER value will improve thereby increasing your houses re sale or rental value.

Can you use the existing connection for exporting power?

You can export subject to certain condition not the least of which is the existing meter and isolators. The old meter how ever will not record the quantity exported. A newer device “Smart Meter” provides these data too and integrates a lot of useful functions than a conventional meter installation.

Micro generation systems
The following systems within the capacities defined by the ESB Networks may be suitable for your home.
• Wind Turbines
• Solar PV Panels
• Micro Hydropower
• Micro CHPs

While all may not suit the particular location of your home all may not provide the best energy savings as well. Therefore it is best to obtain services of professionals in the subject, to delve deep in to the matter, and advise you accordingly.

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