Logo Design trends for 2008

Do you want to make a lasting impression on your customers? Then read on to know about the latest logo design trends doing the rounds.

3 Dimensional is here to stay
For a completely fresh appearance to your logo design try using 3 dimensional effects on them. These logos will reach new sites and unexpected places to reach out to your target audience. However, one aspect to keep in mind is that the result should appear as organic as it is possible. The reason 3D is so ‘in’ as regards logo design is because it makes a mark. It is unlike most other regular designs you see on the Internet, which is why it is so great.

Unlike swooshes which were popular until now, the new age trend of logo design are the ‘waves’. These are more subtle, convey a sense of movement and help connect with the customer. The technique used to create such an effect is by fading methods to lead one color into another. While this technique can be tough to learn, it is the new style statement in logo design and replaces all other ‘curvy’ effects.

Web 2.0
While this term maybe one of the most hyped terms in recent times, it is no secret that Web 2.0 is here to govern logo design as well. In 2008, clean and clear designs, bright colors, cute icons, shadows, shiny surfaces, reflexions etc. will all characterize the trendy logo. The other characteristic is the usage of simple fonts with round edges. There is also a little usage of 3D in such logos at times.

In the eyes of any logo design expert, using transparency lends elegance to a logo. Using transparency, one can holistically combine various elements to create a stunning result. Ideas like perspective on a new subject, growth, connection etc. can all be successfully recreated using transparency in logo design. This trend is definitely ‘in’ during 2008.

Minimalist design: Typography
Typography is a method where logo design incorporates simplistic designs to convey alphabets or fonts. The very fact that these logos are confusing and yet attention-grabbing help make these a trendy choice in logo design of 2008. Most successful logos in the past have always stood out from the crowd and these typographical logos do just that.

Sci-Fi design
In some industries like computers and hardware, there is a need to have fonts that look straight out of a sci-fi book or movie. The idea is to use straight edges, clean elements and simple shapes to bring out the best in logo design. Such kinds of fonts are also easy to play with. You could change the shape of the font or just create a brand new one to replace it.

Jarring colors, bold shapes
This is yet another trend which will be big in 2008 as far as logo design is concerned. With the usage of neon colors and strange shapes, one can certainly expect one’s logo to stand out from the crowd.

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