Internet Marketing and Brand Building

How can  Internet marketing build brand awareness

 Many businesses have set shop on the internet, without necessarily thinking about the business name. They may decide to market their business with a long and winding name like “” but the most important questions is this, will your clients remember that particular name? It is important in internet marketing that the business be easy to remember.  If the business stays in the lips of potential clients, then the chance that they will spread it in their emails and through word of mouth is greater. Marketing is a game of numbers.

What is the function of Names in Internet marketing?

Names are the identity of a company! They are important in branding each product uniquely so that they may stand out from the others in the market. Company names sometimes are allowed to become brand names, creating a seamless connection between the company and the product. This helps in the sale of the product as it is easily recognized if its origin is respected.

Names also ensure that the brand name stays on long after the company goes under. Today we remember brand of soft drinks, oils, and hair products whose manufacturers folded blankets years ago. And yet we can almost feel the smell of the brands! Internet marketing requires so much that you insist on using the brands official name in such a way that it will be attractive and sellable. To have such a name, there are things that you must always put in mind wherever you are, and every time you are planning to add a new member to your brand family!

What do you consider when picking a name?

The very basic aim of a name is identity. A name should be able to make something or someone stand out. In picking a name, care must be taken to avoid picking one that will cause the loss of business. Remember always to keep off politics or political names since association with politics will lead the loss of clients associating with an opposing camp.

There are a few other points that are quite worthwhile,

  1. Make sure the name is Unique
  2. Make sure it is memorable
  3. Finally it should be internationally recognized.

These three issues are the basic requirements of a successful brand name.

What are the benefits of Branding

Branding, is identity, it makes your product or service stand out from the pack. You can also now identify brands with specific clients. This will go a further way in reading client behavior and being able to serve them at the point of need. This way you are capable of retaining first time clients in a shorter period. In internet marketing, Banners are the most commonly uses tools as pop ups have been disabled in many homes and businesses. There is also an email directory, yahoo and Google groups where you can pay for a pop up service at least once a week in three different sites.  With your brand gracing the banner linked to your web page it becomes more effective reaching the right client base.

Branding also helps you build an image and position in the market for the product. Branding will protect from piracy and cloning! If you do not protect against these, there is always a chance that you will loose sales to imitations.  Naming your product before marketing is important to serve both the client and your brand!

Thanks the Techstore Team