Inside Norway’s $47 Billion Floating Highway – the World’s first floating Highway

World’s first floating highway

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is in the process of creating the world’s first floating highway. The Coastal Highway Route E39 will cut down a 21 hour travel time between the Norwegian cities of Kristiansand in the south and Trondheim in the north by at least half through the elimination of seven different ferry crossings. These crossings will be replaced with bridges, tunnels, and the innovative new Submerged Floating Tube Bridges which give the Coastal road its nickname. But Norway has its work cut out for it, as a project of this size and scale with the use of the floating tunnels has yet to be completed anywhere else in the world– and attempting the historic roadway project will cost more than $47 billion.
With many fjords to safely traverse, the project is getting help from Universities, researchers and engineers all over the country. Though the project isn’t expected to be completed until 2050, they’ve already got a head start on constructing their first floating tunnel called the Rogaland Fixed Link or Rogfast. While the construction has allowed them to work out some kinks, it’s also cost $2 billion so far– and that budget is growing. Norway aims to maintain its pristine natural beauty with these hidden highways, but first they have to figure out how travelers can remain safe at 150 feet underwater. Check out our video for all the details on this innovative new highway– and how the rest of the world may soon follow in Norway’s footsteps.
Credit to : TheRichest

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