Innovative And Cutting Edge Website Design That Incorporates Web 2.0 Concepts

Good, effective website design has a lot to do with aesthetic appeal and SEO techniques. The new-age buzzword of Web 2.0 deals with enhancing the user-centric appeal of a site. So, what elements of website design need to be in place to have a Web 2.0 focused website?

Incorporating training courses

Having online training courses on your website can be a fantastic way to educate your target audience. In addition, you get to expand on your customer base, establish your authority in this domain as well as ensure your audience is actively involved. This is a website design element, which needs consideration. Try using videos, downloads, podcasts or even emails for tutoring your target audience.

Video guides
You could use the power of video as part of your website design to instruct your users about a specific technique. Let us say your online store sells pet supplies. You could perhaps have a video demonstrating how to powder brush your cat’s fur.

Reviews on products
Try to incorporate product reviews into your website design as well. This is a great way to engage your target audience in active discussions. The more controversial a product, the more traffic your website will get.

Guest interviews

Depending on which niche domain your business operates in, you could invite guest speakers over to talk about a particular topic. If your website deals with skincare products, try calling a renowned beautician or stylist to give their opinions, tips etc. You could have videos of these interviews as part of your website design. You can also include links to these interviews on your newsletters.


One of the best ways to ensure your website design is in harmony with Web 2.0 concepts is to have forums on your site. This way, you get your target audience to actively participate in discussions and give their opinions. However, ensure that you have forum monitors in place and a site administrator who can moderate discussions.

Polls or surveys

Try including a dipstick poll or survey across your target audience. It could be on any topic but preferably stick to your niche. This element of website design helps make your users feel more involved. In addition, you may even uncover new trends that you had not noticed before.

Another fabulous method of incorporating Web 2.0 features in your website design is to leverage the power of newsletters. You can use newsletters to expand on your customer base while also highlighting blog postings, forum posts, poll results etc. These help sustain your target audience’s interest levels while also making your website more popular.

Central, clean layout
One of the most essential tips to ensuring a Web 2.0 styled website design is to have a central layout. It is also important to have a clean, aesthetic appearance on your site. Never confuse users with too many icons or logos. Stick to the basics and you will never go wrong. Having a centralized layout also demonstrates your company is honest and straightforward – an attribute your customers appreciate.

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