Increasing your link Popularity.


Search engines don’t just look at the content of your website to determine if you are a match for a search. Search engines have also begun to rank the importance of the sites that link to you.

This means if the Irish Times links to your site, your credibility is higher than if Joe’s Online Newspaper provides a link to your website. Search engines also consider the text contained in the link that is pointing to your website. If the text in the links contains keywords you are trying to compete for, the search engines consider your site to have even greater credibility.

With this in mind, here are some typical questions and answers on the subject.

Q: How do i increase my websites link Popularity?
Ans: By getting other high popularity websites to link to your website.

Q: How do I get other high Popularity websites to link to my website?
Ans: Online directories are a means of achieving high quality incoming links.
Such directories are generally happy to link out to quality sites serving the niches they
focus on; they do this frequently and most of the time for free.

Q: How do I get my website listed on these Directories?
Ans: By doing it yourself or by getting a professional directory submission service to do so.

Q: Why would I use a professional Submission service?
Ans: Getting your website listed in directories correctly can take significant
time and expertise; it can also be very labour intensive. It’s far more cost effective to factor out this area
to the professionals and concentrate on managing your Website.

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