Increasing Conversion Rate with Effective Internet Marketing

If you have had any experience in writing sales pages, you
would know how difficult it is to determine what would tick
 your prospects/visitors.

However, there are certain tricks that you can deploy
to increase the rate of response among your prospects
towards the sales copy, subsequently increasing your
conversion rate.

So, here are a few Internet marketing tricks you could work
in your favor.
  • Create the element of need –
    By this, I mean, that you have to make your prospects know and convince them to
    believing that they need the product or the service you are offering them.
    Necessity is the most potent motivator and once you are able to create the necessity,
    it will automatically instigate them to take note of your offer.
    But wait, making them take note of you is not enough – you have to make them “believe” that they need you.
    Done that, you are almost halfway there.


  • Create an element of fear –
    An indispensable part aspect for Internet marketing to be effective is to create
    an element of fear among your prospects.
    Creating fear among your prospects does not mean scaring them away with your products.
    In fact, you have to instill a certain sense of fear among your prospects that they will lose out on several things if they do not subscribe to your products or services.
    For instance, if you are marketing a book on smoking cessation, let your prospects know about the adverse effects that smoking can cause them.


  • Offer features and benefits –
    Many Internet marketing professionals are of the opinion that majority of the Internet consumers are driven by benefits and special offers.
    The first question that crosses any consumer’s mind is how the product will benefit them.
    So, it has naturally lead many Internet marketing professionals to focus on the benefits that the products and services can offer.
    However, always bear in mind that benefits are not an end in itself.
    Your product must have some unique features that it can boast of and only then will it attract more prospects.
    So, try to strike a balance between the product features and the additional benefits it offers.


  • Generate curiosity –
    Generating curiosity doesn’t need you to kill the cat! Sometimes, it may simply mean inviting the cat to check on your household.
    Mystery marketing is a very important aspect of Internet marketing and is most effective during the pre-launch stage of any product or service.
    This creates a sense of anticipation among your prospects until they find you what you are all about.
    This is a common human behavior and as an Internet marketing professional, you can get it work on your favor, thereby increasing your conversion rate.


  • Humanize your offer –
    The World Wide Web is one big anonymous waterway.
    Therefore, it is only natural for people to greet the various offers with a little reluctance and a lot of hesitance.
    That is why, humanizing your efforts as an Internet marketing professional is one thing you can do, enabling your prospects identify with your product at a more personal level.
    One effective way to go about in this direction is to incorporate testimonials of real people in your website.
    Introduce yourself and, if needed, do not hesitate to include videos and voices as a part of the testimonials.
    Having real in front of them is a real assurance for your prospects.

Hope these Internet marketing techniques help you achieve the online success that you have been striving hard for.

Thanks the Techstore Team

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