Ideas for great Promotional Giveaways

Promotional giveaways are incredibly important
for any firm seeking to reach out to their target
market and generate business with no massive
cost of organising a high profile television campaign.

There are several ideas to aid you in getting started too
so it’s worthwhile thinking about differentiating
them to fit your client.

While T-shirts is actually a good idea for the younger market,
they might be viewed less favorably by older clients, for instance.

Polo Shirts
Polo shirts are a good idea for any clothing item that can be given away. If they’re kept relatively
plain so the wearer doesn’t resemble a walking advertisement then they will usually be warmly
received and maybe worn on occasions.

Promotional Pens are another classic item simply because they always appreciated. Everyone is able to state
that at some point or any other they have been stuck for a pen. A classic pen set that can be used
not merely be the person you’ve given it to but given to others to utilize is an excellent way of
enhancing the visibility of the brand.

Umbrellas are great in achieving high visibility. Whilst your brand and company name might lie
unseen while the umbrellas is left unopened, once the rain starts, everyone, including passersby
will get to see your details. Promotional Umbrellas are thoughtful gifts that can be left in the vehicle and brought
out in the bad weather.

Promotional Merchandise

Backpacks are a good canvas for displaying your company logo and will almost always be gratefully
received because they are very handy for keeping lots of things together. If you’re giving them away
at an event where lots of other companies are giving items away at the same time in that case your
backpack can be used to store information and freebies.

Business Card Holders
Business card holders can also be useful. Instead of giving out business cards that’ll be shoved into a
wallet alongside all of the others, why don’t you create a card holder. Each time the holder is opened,
your logo could be the first image that is seen by the potential client.

Photograph Frames
Frames for photographs will also be a great company giveaway simply because they can sit down on
your clients desk and carry a photo of their family inside. As the client looks at their photograph they’ll
also see your company’s logo. This can only create a positive association over time.

Cuff Links
Cuff links for shirt sleeves are a classic gift. They could be engraved and worn at smart business occasions.
If they’re seen they can act as a conversation point and drawn in the attention of other potential clients.

Paperweights are practical, decorative in most cases seen on desks to hold down documents. This gift is
good in the corporate world and has the potential to be highly visible if they are used frequently.

Desktop clocks are actually incredibly good ideas. How frequently would you have a look at a clock every
single day? Each and every time the owner looks at the time they see your company’s details staring back!

Phone Holders
Mobile phone holders function in much the same way, because we reach for our phones so many times
during the day. If you make a mobile phone holder then each and every time your client takes out their
phone they’ll be seeing your brand.
The more creative you could be with your ideas the more favorably
your clients will likely view your company profile!

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