How To Efficiently Reduce Fuel Costs And Increase Fleet Productivity

Managing a fleet of vehicles can not only can be stressful – it can also be devastatingly expensive. In this particular aspect of business, it’s a good idea to cut corners to help increase productivity and manage costs associated with your vehicles. Although, cutting corners in this instance doesn’t mean neglecting a vehicle; to the contrary, it involves affixing all vehicles in the fleet with a sophisticated GPS device to help monitor performance and adjust accordingly. Pinpoint Tracking Systems offers managers such a device.

A proper GPS vehicle tracking solution can provide fleet managers and owners with a powerful tool that will help to reduce fuel costs and provide a huge upswing in productivity. A big benefit witnessed by fleet managers using a GPS unit is the amount saved on fuel. With the costs of fuel at an all time high, the only real way to lower your bill is to reduce consumption. A Pinpoint GPS tracking system will include management features to help ensure that your vehicles are operating at maximum fuel efficiency…

Pinpoint Vehicle Tracking units are able to monitor vehicle speed. Driving at higher speeds is one of the top causes of fuel waste. The U.S. Department of Energy, one of the foremost sources in the world, estimates that each 5mph driven over 60mph is causing a 20-cent increase per gallon price. Though dollar signs vary country to country, numbers are universal, and savings and savings. Maintaining efficient speed throughout a vehicle fleet will ensure managers and owners of a vast benefit upwards of 23%.

Pinpoint Tracking Systems allow the speed of each vehicle to be individually monitored. This will enable managers and owners to always know who’s wasting precious resources on the open road. Particulars like Asset Tracking allows Pinpoint to work closely with customers, integrating products to assist in the monitoring and management of almost any type of remote asset, including delivery trucks, cargo containers, mobile generators, and many, many more.

Another way that Pinpoint helps to reduce fuel cost is by reducing idling times in vehicles. Any vehicle idling over 10 seconds wastes more fuel than restarting the engine entirely. A Vehicle Tracker gives managers the ability to view the precise amount of time vehicles are idling. This can work as a vital tool in the training and discipline of your fleet drivers – teaching them the proper way to handle vehicle idling to effectively save money on fuel costs. A solitary driver idling extra seconds per day can cost a company hundreds per year.

Pinpoint Systems also help to increase productivity by increasing response times. With regular updates, managers always know the exactly location of every vehicle, thus allowing the quickest possible route to be given. Managers will also have the benefit of knowing which employee is using a company vehicle at their leisure, and quickly put a stop to it.

By installing a Pinpoint Vehicle Tracking System in your fleet’s vehicles, the power is in your hands to effectively control costs and vastly increase productivity. A small investment can easily save countless thousands in wasted resources per year.

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