How to choose the right hands free car kit

Do you spend a lot of time behind the wheel but still need a way to communicate with the
office or clients? If so, the right handfree car kits can make it possible for you to remain
productive while you are on the road. Early hands free devices were very simple and did
not have the best sound quality. Newer models have a number of functions that make
them extremely useful. It is simply a matter of choosing the right model for your needs.

Name and Number display
This feature acts like the call display feature on your phone. It allows you to view the name
and telephone number of callers so that you can decide whether you want to take the call or
not. Some models may read this information out to you so that you do not need to take your
eyes off of the road in order to learn who is contacting you. This can make a hands free unit
much safer to use while you are driving.

Text to Voice capabilities
One feature that many hands free devices have is a text to voice feature. This feature converts
incoming text messages and reads them out to you so that you do not have to look at the screen.
It can be very helpful for individuals who receive a large volume of text messages rather than
phone calls.

Optional Headset functionality
If you are travelling with a group of people in your car there may be phone calls that you do
not want others to overhear. Some hands free devices allow you to decide whether you will
send a phone call to the speaker or to a Bluetooth headset. This means that you can take
some calls in privacy without worrying that your passengers will overhear what is being

Car Stereo Tie-Ins
Some hands free units are better for music lovers than others. This is because they allow you
to stream the music that is on your phone and either play it through the hands free device or
through the car stereo. These devices will generally have a feature that automatically pauses
or mutes the music so that it does not interfere with the phone calls or incoming messages.

If you think about how you use your phone most while you are on the road it can make it easier
for you to choose the hands free device that suits your needs the best.

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