How the virtual phone system can help your Business grow

The most traditional form of the PBX required the installation of a large switchboard and an operator,
or several operators, to man it. Wires would be connected via an exchange point to enable to people in
different locations to talk to one another. Today’s PBX system is far more advanced and utilises the
advancements we have made in modern technology to its very fullest, to give you the most advanced
telecommunications available. So, what can our virtual phone systems do?

What does a virtual phone system do?
Essentially, a virtual Phone system allows calls to be routed through the internet and as such requires
far less storage space, much less equipment, and less people to run it. Because of the simplicity of the
virtual switchboard, it is also much easier to set up and can help save on running costs over the long
run too.

Virtual Phone System

Even the most recent electronic analog system cannot compete as the running costs and constant
upgrades can cost much more than the virtual system.

Staying in touch with a virtual phone system
The virtual phone system allows you to work from anywhere in the world and remain in touch with your
colleagues and clients without the fuss and cost of external phone lines because all you need is an internet
connection to keep you in contact. The opportunities that the virtual system affords are vast for a growing
business looking to expand into different locations without affecting performance and communication.

Getting in touch with another office miles away from your base is as easy as calling an extension in an
office on the same floor as your own.

The features of the system
The virtual switchboard has many features, including the digital receptionist. Here the incoming caller can
be provided with a number of options to choose from, so that they might choose option 1 to speak to a member
of a particular department, and 2 to speak to another etc.

The internet avoids long distance call charges and doesn’t affect call quality, providing the connection is strong,
as you would expect with any phone call.

The virtual phone system gives you all of the same features that a manned phone line would without the costs of
a call operator and allows multiple extension numbers to be connected so that an internal call may be directed
even to your personal mobile by the digital attendant. This would enable anyone to set up their business from
home and retain all of the efficiency that they might have working in an office, whilst remaining contactable even
when working on the road using a mobile instead of a landline.

Extra benefits you can expect when using the system
The installation costs of a virtual switchboard are overshadowed by those of older systems, and indeed the most
traditional PBX system. The digital assistant makes up for the need for a physical operator and avoids the costs of
the salary too! In offices where space is limited, the virtual switchboard is a must as there is no requirement for
wires, switches and panels to connect calls or phone wiring between extensions and connection points. The
opportunities the virtual phone system affords also means that you can grow your business on any scale without
worrying about anything other than the very best location for you, rather than how expensive call charges might be.

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