GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking SystemsGlobal Positioning Systems or GPS as its
commonly known is not a new technology.

However the application of it for tracking duties in civilian
use is a relatively recent development.

Today it is widely used for simplifying and optimizing
quite a few numbers of tasks which
were earlier arduous and time consuming.

What is GPS Technology?

Surprisingly only a few of non-technical oriented public seem to have any idea.
As the name indicates it is a system that helps one to pin point and fix a location on Earth with fine accuracy using a receiver device capable of communicating with a constellation of man made satellites. It is said to be the worlds only Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) that s fully functional.

How does it locate a position on Earth?

GPS receiver devices on Earth use precise microwave signals originating from 24 to 32 numbers of Medium Earth Orbit Satellites for its computations. The position of the receiver on Earth is computed by the Receiver Device by timing the Microwave signals down transmitted by GPS satellites regularly with various data and the time signature.The orbits of the satellites could be anything from 2000 km to approximately 24000 km above Earth.

How will a particular location be displayed?

It may be with conventional manner by longitude, latitude and elevation or by superimposing the details on a moving Map. Some are also capable of indicating the direction of travel and the speed.
How many satellites are involved in this process at a time?
Ideally 3 satellites are the minimum required for computations. However due to fine irregularities encountered in time measurements in comparisons to the value of the speed of light getting 4 to 5 satellites involved is necessary to derive accurate results.
However there are instances, for example in flights, data from two satellites may be quite adequate as the altitude of a plane is accurately known.

How Accurate are the results?
The speed of light or Radio signal propagation is different in space and in atmosphere. There for the receiver usually takes an average value for its computation. The position location may not be highly accurate. Also the required number of satellites may not be in line of sight at the time of measurement. If any auxiliary device such as a vehicles computer with required data is not available the accuracy is affected. Generally the GPS receiver is capable of pin pointing a location within 100 of the receiver device.

What are the Civilian uses of GPS?

The commonly known application is Navigation .But it is also used for a wide range of tracking duties in non military applications. Some of these are;
• Tracking Cargo
• Tracking Fleets of Trucks and Heavy Construction Equipment
• Tracking Vehicles
• Tracking stolen vehicles
• Tracking Personnel
• Tracking Pets etc.
• Road condition monitoring and surveying and data logging (for maintenance)

What are the benefits a person can expect from such tracking?
Obviously in commercial operations such as Fleet Management and Cargo Shipping, such tracking systems are invaluable in monetary terms. The optimization of resource utilization in it self is a major plus for tracking systems. Tracking vehicles can save lot of heart burn and stress for parents with car driving teen agers. Insurance and Law enforcement agencies too may find this facility very useful in carrying out their duties.

Tracking personnel such as disabled or young children is a necessity in this humdrum modern system of living as you may not find it easy to be with them most of the time. Also cheating spouses will find it difficult to avoid detection with GPS tracking on to them! And many of us are quite aware how much mental agony an owner undergo when a pet has wondered off or stolen.

GPS based tracking systems provide an affordable answer to all these very human problems. All data you desire for in all these applications will be available on your PC or Laptop in real time on demand whether its day or night.

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