GPS Tracking: A Fleet Management Technique That Keeps Getting Better

Have you ever known a car today that doesn’t have a GPS tracking device? Most probably not. GPS is one of the most popular fleet management devices there is in town. It’s most important use is that it’s able to guide users for both private and commercial vehicles as they cruise down different lanes using the device’s ability to determine coordinates of certain locations.

Broadening the Use of GPS
Today, there are more and more people, communities, and companies that are celebrating the incredible function of global positioning system. For example, Dakota County is set to make use of it to monitor the movements of disabled persons.

This fleet management device will be the main part of Project Livesaver. The GPS will be in the form of a bracelet that will be worn by those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and other physical and mental disabilities.

Somewhere in UK, a new company has found great use of the GPS, especially in terms of better food retail management. It’s common notion that if you supply food to different restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains, it’s highly expected that you arrive on or before your schedule. Otherwise, certain meals will not be served, which will then translate to fewer sales for your customers.

PHS Teacrate, a rental company for crates in the UK, installed the tracking system in all their vehicles that are being used for collection and delivery. The route managers will be able to provide feedback to customers who may have made sudden order requests or making a follow-up for such as to the exact location of their vehicles. This way, their customers will know when to expect the supplies and can make the proper adjustments. On the other hand, as long as there is more-than-enough supplies, crate drivers don’t need to go back to their depot before they can deliver goods to those who made these unexpected requests. The tracking system is able to reduce the response time and even their mileage.

The town of school system of Mobile County is being under siege of numerous copper theft incidents. Last summer, there were more than 5 schools that have lost over 40 copper units. Sad to say, the different educational institutions believed that the problem will never die down but instead get worse. That’s why they have been thinking of using GPS tracking devices to determine where the thieves could be, and give them the punishment that they deserve.

These GPS devices will be attached to the copper coils, commercial units that weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. Because the instruments can be so small, they will hardly be recognized or seen by the thieves.

The manufacturers of various fleet management instruments, including GPS systems are very optimistic that the demand will only get higher in the coming years, especially that crime rates have increased and that GPS has eventually lowered down vehicular accidents. Nevertheless, with the way things are going, we will be seeing more of this device in our lives, not only in our cars and trucks.

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