Google Adwords – Low Cost, Better Conversion Rate, More Sales

Google AdWords is one of the most popular means of advertisement on the internet.
Many people use Google AdWords to advertise their website.
Although you have to spend a lot of money to advertise on the Google AdWords, yet many times you realize that your website is not generating the revenue that it ought to generate.
The conversion rate is quite negligible and you are actually wasting your money and effort.

The reasons for the low returns are many but one of the most obvious reasons is the use of wrong settings for your advertising campaigns.
The use of keywords plays a very important role in the success of your advertisement. Studies have proved that the long tail keywords are more lucrative in getting more traffic than single word keywords.
Saying this, it has to be emphasized that just using a long tail keyword may not be enough.

The following tips will help you to maximize your profit by using Google AdWords:

  • Use long tail keywords:
    Long tail keywords are the keywords that have more than four words in them.
    These are able to give more traffic as most of the searchers use more than three or four keywords for their search.
    If there is only single word keyword, then your website may appear for many unrelated searches.
    Moreover, long tail keywords can convert better.
  • Use broad match for your keywords carefully:
    Using broad match keywords is a good way of getting more traffic and thus more conversion, but the broad match must be unique and carefully chosen.
    You can use synonyms, different number of the keyword or even different variants of the keyword.
    This doesn’t mean that broad match can always guarantee high conversion rate. Instead, it may actually suck your money without giving you any profit.
    For successful conversion rate, use the long tail keywords that are particular to your niche market and will give you the right exposure.
  • Use negative keywords for better conversion rate:
    One of the very clever means of increasing your conversion rate will be to use the negative keywords.
    These keywords can stop the website from being displayed on search results that you don’t wish to get displayed.
    For example if your keyword is related to pictures of ‘tiger’, adding a ‘-picture’ as keyword will restrict the website to be displayed for any search having the broadly searched keyword ‘picture’.
    This will provide you a much more focused customer pool and will thus aid in developing a better conversion rate.

If you can thoughtfully use the long tail keywords in Google AdWords there is no doubt that you will get loads of visitors to your website – resulting in the increase of your sales conversion rate.
Judiciously use the appropriate long tail keywords for furthering your business interests and profit.

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