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Search Engine Marketing relates to the methods that are used to upgrade the overall structure of a website in order to place it in the top positions of the result pages of major search engines. The genuine features of Search Engine Marketing involve significant improvement in the rankings of a website and maintain those standards.

Search Engine Marketing associates the promotion of a website based on the criteria of major search engines. It all revolves around the SERPs that the search engines exhibit after careful examination of all the external and designing attributes of a website. The search engines place only those websites on the top of their search listings that are well popular and contain valid information on the related set of keywords supplied by the end users. The relevancy and keyword density is mainly taken into account. The two major techniques involved in Search Engine Marketing are:

Search Engine Optimization.
Paid or sponsored listings.

The art of placing a website at the top of the organic listings is Search Engine Marketing. There is also another way out to put a website up in the SERPs and that is Paid Listings. The practice of getting paid listings and acquiring valuable positions in the SERPs is called Pay-per-Click campaigns or PPC. This requires paying the search engines and online directories for specific keywords and phrases. This is considered to be an effective short term Search Engine Marketing strategy but it has got its own limitations. The visitors are used to pick websites from the organic catalog and paid listings are kept beside the actual search results. However, PPC ventures are highly beneficial for badly optimized sites.

A well implemented Search Engine Marketing plan definitely takes the websites to higher organic positions in the SERPs. There are certain pocket friendly techniques and tools that ensure better rankings and raise site popularity. PPC campaigns allow the webmasters to try out a variety of keywords in order to find the perfect set of phrases that can represent their website and hence do better business. Bids on keywords can be a bit expensive but on the whole they bring higher conversion rates for your business and that is what makes them productive.

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