Fleet Management Systems

Today managing a fleet of vehicles is serious business needing careful monitoring to minimize the perils encountered in day to day operations. Operational aspects of a Fleet of vehicles (not necessarily a major outfit) can be a daunting task due many issues which vary from Financial to Engineering, Human Resources and Public Relations.

Proper Fleet Management has become therefore of prime importance.
A Transport or logistics Business may involve many types of Transportation and Distribution needs of Goods and Commodities from a point of central storage, manufacture or production. These may be destined for distant ware houses, places of storage or ports of shipment.

A manager of such a business has in his hands a daunting task whether it is a single truck or a fleet.

Why? It is because in today’s global economy and consumers market if your truck does not arrive at the required destination in time you need not have bothered to dispatch it at all. The buyers at the destination of arrival have their own schedules and targets to meet. If they do not receive your shipments in time they may loose their customers and on top of that many thousands of dollars by way of rejects, loss of market, loss of goodwill, and so many other ill effects. All of these will ultimately end up on the lap of a hapless Fleet Manager!

In this highly competitive world of business hardly any one interested in surviving (let alone prosper) in the Trucking Industry can afford to face such a situation.

A Manager of such a business faces several dilemmas in carrying out his thankless job.

• He has to know when his trucks are leaving his business premises
• He has to know when his trucks have reached the points of collection.
• He has to know when the trucks are loaded and leaving the Producers ware house.
• He has to know when the Truck reaches the final destination or an intermediate destination according to his schedules.

• Then it is important to know all unloading have gone according to the schedules and the truck is returning to the base or ready to proceed to the next destination to pick up another consignment before proceeding to the second destination of delivery or the Base.

• Most important is that if any of the above does not go according to the schedule he has to be aware when and where it is happening and why it is so, because the vital task of trouble shooting is also in his hands!

In the past a manager would do all monitoring using human resources mostly depending on the feed back from them through telephones or two way radio communications. The information he get may be stale and by the time he takes action a lot of water may have passed under the bridge.
Luckily for Fleet Owners with the help of Satellite and GPS technology now have Fleet Tracking Systems a real time problem solving tool. They need not drive their managers to stress management clinics!

The Fleet tracking system employs high tech Satellite, GPS and GSM wireless technology to bring to you in real time;

• Truck Location and routes
• Stops
• Idling
• and, Mileage

This information and software will enable the Fleet Manger to receive data and work out quick solutions on your Desktop or Laptop for improved efficiency and minimized costs.

It will also facilitate them to take remedial action in case of any mishap or unforeseen situation in real time.

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