The First Photos Taken of Every Planet in Our Solar System + Pluto (4K UHD)

The First Photos Taken of Every Planet in Our Solar System

For thousands of years, human beings have noticed certain points of light in the night’s sky that seemed to move differently. Ancient Greek astronomers named these points “Asters Planetai” which means “Wandering stars”. The term described many celestial objects, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all of which can be seen at certain times of the year with the unaided eye from Earth. With the invention of the telescope back in the 1600s, these planets could be viewed like never before, and eventually, with years of continued observation, we discovered Uranus, Neptune and the dwarf planet Pluto. Then back in 1957 the space age started, with the successful launch of Sputnik 1 and since then probes have been sent all over the solar system on a mission to study these neighbouring celestial objects, sending data millions of miles back to Earth, Including some photographs.

Credit v101 science

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