Inside The Lives of Elon Musk’s Billionaire Rich Kids

Elon Musk’s Billionaire Rich Kids

“Did you know that Elon Musk is the proud father of six amazing sons? Yes, the revolutionary mind behind companies such as SpaceX and Tesla is as much a dad as any father out there Which makes you wonder, what kind of lifestyle do his privileged kids live? Surely, they must be showered with all sorts of lavish gifts and comforts beyond their wildest dreams?? After all, they’ll be inheriting the fortune of the man who might just be the world’s first trillionaire! Well, after watching this video, you might be surprised by the type of father that Elon Musk is… Because as it turns out, he has a very unorthodox style of parenting. And even for a billionaire, it’s pretty unusual!”

Credit Futurity

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