Directories and their importance in Building your Pagerank

If search engines were to rely only on web page content alone as a factor to determine would be too easy to manipulate results.Therefore they place a high emphisis on Inbound links from quality sites as they are more difficult to get and take time. Precisely for this reason, they carry significant weight.

If your website gets listed on hight quality directories under relevent catagories it will significently
boost your websites popularity and therefore rankings.

Its not possible to automate the process of submission to Directories as it has to be done by hand and on an individual basis,

In order to get listed in a human edited directory, a real live human editor must first review your application for inclusion and then review your website and pass it on the grounds of having good quality and relevant content for the category you want to get listed under.

There is no way of automating this process , therefore the main search engines pay significent weight to incoming links from listings in the main human edited directories such as Dmoz and JoeAnt

For these reasons we focus primarily on link building through Directory submissions.