Printed Brochures – An Effective Marketing tool for your Business

Printed Brochures are an old and reliable marketing tool used traditionally by Business to promote products or services. Making a brochure to market your services or goods could be a daunting experience and you might not have any idea where you should begin

Many businesses use brochures to market and promote their products and services. As most have brochures and other forms of printed sales literature to hand out to customers and prospects. Brochures typically come in a variety of formats and are typically custom designed to enhance recognition and brand awareness.

Content of Brochures

Typically your brochure content needs to include the company’s details inc products and services. The design should also be visibly appealing and the content should be clearly stated and readable.
Brochure Design and Print

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Tips for creating a successful Brochure

  • First of all determine your target audience before designing or creating the brochure.
  • Create a design that will appeal to this audience.
  • Include and introduction to the business, its mission etc.
  • Include your most important sales points in your headings.
  • Layout the products and services clearly with a clear call to action.
  • In brochures of eight pages or more, a list of contents is useful, so create an index
  • Ensure your contact details are available and in prominent positions throughout.
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