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Promotional merchandise has been shown
to be more effective than most other forms
of advertising or marketing when it comes
to Business, here are five good reasons why.

1. Using Promotion Merchandise is an Affordable and Scalable Marketing Strategy

Promotion Merchandise is relatively inexpensive
as there are literally thousands of items to choose
from and prices start from only a few cent per item
so campaigns can be established at a relatively
inexpensive cost.

Scalable to grow as your needs grow, because they can
be ordered on demand, so start by ordering a few hundred
and then come back for more as your needs grow.


2. Using Promotion Merchandise is more effective than other traditional marketing strategies

Compared to other traditional marketing strategies promotional products have been shown to provide:
A Lower cost per impression compared to other media, therefore it provides a greater
return on your investment.

3. Using Promotion Merchandise is more versatile as a strategy

Can be created on any budget and on any scale to suite all types of Businesses of all sizes.
Can be tailored to suite any demographic, Inc age, gender or Industry.
Can enhance campaigns via other media, (The use of a promotional product
in conjunction with a sales letter in direct mailings can increase response rates by as much as 50%)

4. Increase awareness and build positive customer relationships with your brand

Provide a practical use and value to their recipient ensuring a positive
lasting impression of your company.

5. Provide greater longevity over other traditional Marketing Campaigns
According to a recent industry study, – over 35% of promotional products are kept
for 2+ years by their recipients.

In Short:
They provide an effective, versatile long lasting marketing strategy, that will raise awareness,
build relationships and reward loyal customers and staff.

Promotions Merchandise from the specialists
In Association with our Partners over at Promotion Specialists we can source and
brand the perfect Marketing products for you.

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