A guide to CCTV system options for your Business

The use of CCTV system has been on the rise in the last few years due to the effectiveness of the
system in enhancing the security of any premises. Despite the fact that some people are already
familiar with the term, not everyone knows the wide variety of CCTV systems available out there,
which range from a basic system that offers simple monitoring, a best value system for
identification, and high resolution system that provides the best tools and software to
identify and prosecute criminal offenders.

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Choosing the system that suits your needs may not be an easy task to do, given that there are so
many products on the market to select from. More than just reading the specifications, you should
consult a technical sales person to help identify vulnerable areas in your premises and the most
suitable CCTV camera system to target the area. Ultimately, the right CCTV system is the one that
doesn’t compromise on quality but still offers the best value for money. To gain a better
understanding on what CCTV system is and its terminology, check out the information below.

Why Do Your Need CCTV System
There are many reasons why CCTV system is required in any personal or business premises.
In general, the system is used to:

  • Detect and prevent shop or home theft
  • Detect and prevent industrial espionage or vandalism
  • Replace or reduce security guards or to supplement them
  • Monitor unattended site or person entering and leaving any premises
  • And many more

Types of CCTV Cameras
Getting colour cameras will provide better lighting than the black and white ones and they offer
better quality captured images and videos – since it will be easier to detect and distinguish objects.
However, black and white cameras do work better in low light condition. Below you’ll find some
popular types of CCTV cameras.

  • Day/night Cameras: Depending on the light, the cameras will switch from colour mode to
    black and white one.
  • Night vision Cameras: Can be used in extremely low light conditions.
  • Outdoor/Vandal Proof Cameras: Have tougher shell and outer bodies to minimize the risk
    of physical damage.
  • Covert Cameras: Tiny cameras that can be easily disguised.
  • Speed Dome Cameras: Can be controlled from a far to pan, tilt or zoom.

Remote CCTV Monitoring Systems

Monitoring the CCTV System
The most common way to monitor the system is through the use of composite video output, which
allows for real-time monitoring via TV monitors. Other output to VGA is also available. The more
recent system comes with Internet ability – allowing users to gain remote access of the CCTV via
the internet.

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A Viable and Affordable Security Solution
Once it has been determined that there is a loophole in the security system in your premises, using
CCTV system is a solution that is not only affordable, but also effective and efficient. Depending on
the needs and requirements, CCTV can be used as an intruder alarm system and any other deterrent
security system to prevent the crime from taking place.

To choose the most suitable CCTV system, as mentioned, contacting a technical sales person is
recommended. This way you can have all your requirements accurately identified – making sure
the system you get is the best one for your needs and budget.

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