9 Things to Look into before you order your Wind Turbine or Solar Panels

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are excellent devices to help you cut down on your energy bills.
Now that the winter is almost on our door step serious consideration of an alternative energy system to supply the grid electrical power supply may be appropriate.

You may wonder why only alternative energy run systems should be considered. It is for no other reason but that they don’t need a fuel source ever. Heating, Air conditioning and Lighting are the biggest electricity guzzlers in any domestic energy system. Of these Heating or Air Conditioning can easily account for 50% (or more) of your electricity bill any day.

It’s a cardinal rule, that you must look in to the possibilities of plugging in all possible loop holes that waste energy before you consider a supplementary means to cater to you energy needs.

Your home (or building) is a single energy system made up of various components consuming power and energy. The heating and cooling, ventilation, lighting, electrical appliances, plumbing and water services, the very construction of the building are integral components of this energy system. Therefore when one is concerned about the cost of home energy bills it is well to remember, these components play major roles collectively and individually in the play. Any improvements or revisions to design may affect the overall energy efficiency tremendously.

Some major considerations may be;

• Insulation: If you use Electrical power for your building’s heating or cooling needs as said earlier the percentage consumption for this is very high .The heat energy once in if kept entrapped within the occupied areas will eliminate the further necessity for further heating! But it does not happen that way because the insulating property of the building may have deteriorated or may not have been included at all (though rare) in the first place. Invest few Euros for improved thermal insulation. If the building is old it may be with out dated insulation technology and also may be perished by now. What ever the form of energy you use for heating, proper Thermal insulation will be your # 1 requirement to trim the energy bills.

• Weather stripping: An easily forgotten aspect is infiltration of cold air through the gaps in windows, doors, roofs etc. When in, infiltrated air will eat in to your energy supply while forcing out nicely heated air out side to make way for it. Therefore weather stripping is essential to conserve energy.

• Repairs to Roofs etc: Thermal leaks through the roofs (or floors) are a major nuisance. Insulation, sealing and proper maintenance are important factors which if not attended to will cause excessive energy wastage.

• Keep your Heating equipment and the system in trim condition: Proper maintenance and upgrading your heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment to get the highest efficiency is a must. (A simple air filter block or a stuck fresh air inlet damper can cause fair damage to your bank balance!)

• Manage Heat loss through the windows: Install double paned, gas filled windows with lo emissivity (low – e) coatings to reduce your Heat loss in clod climates and spectrally selective coatings to reduce the heat gain in warm climates.

• Choose energy efficient appliances when buying: Look for Energy efficiency ratings like Star system when you buy electrical appliances. Don’t let the seller divert your attention to unimportant issues. Spend some time evaluating before purchase. In the case of used machinery damaged gaskets, corroded metal body, malfunctioning defrosting mechanisms and thermostats, locating the refrigerated where air flow is restricted etc can contribute to energy loss. Look in these and correct as soon as possible

• Replace your bulbs with CFL or LED lights which could cut down your energy consumption for illumination by up to 80%!

• Have an ante room or an air lock for the main entrances: If possible incorporate an air lock to prevent cold draft entering the heated areas unchecked.

• Insulate your hot water system and heating system plumbing well:
The water heating and space system (if centralized) will have insulated pipes to radiators. and devices. If heat insulation is perished, upgrading it will save a few Euros for you.

The Wind Turbine or the Solar panels will provide you with virtually free electrical power.
But if proper energy audit and remedial measures accordingly not taken the equipment selection will not be accurate and may result in over spending good money!

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