7 great online resources to help you manage human resources within your Business

Job searches and job postings eat up a lot of time for both companies and candidates.
Online job boards make applying for and posting jobs much easier, assisting to sort
and select candidates.

1.  JobMuncher
Employers and those looking for jobs will find JobMuncher a handy online solution.
Offering a simple to use dashboard, job postings can be added and updated. Each job
is assigned a separate URL making it easy for job candidates and employers to view
information online.

Employers enjoy these benefits:

§  Manage applications, tracking them through the process and assigning a status

§  Alerts when new applications are posted and important actions such as ‘job filled’

§  Free to list one job

§  Fee for more than one job listing

§  Account registration is quick

§  Job details in the listings

§  Files can be attached with listings, e.g. company application, policies

Job Candidates enjoy these benefits:

§  Personal job application list with status

§  Alerts of job updates and status changes

§  Broader exposure to more employers

§  View job information – skills needed, salary, benefits

§  Job application completion online for some companies


2.  RecruiterBox
The web based RecruiterBox is an effective screening tool for employers seeking to
fill positions. Offering both free and paid packages, the paid ones are a benefit for
large companies who need to post higher numbers of job openings. Jobs listings
may include details about the job and about your company. They are published
with a URL unique to the company. Job candidates can upload their CVs/resumes
in a number of formats – DOC, DOCX, HTML, PDF, ODT, or RFT. Another advantage
is the ability for employers to add people to their RecruiterBox account to assist in
evaluating job candidates. Job listings and applications are available to view within
each unique account.           

3.  Staffnote
Monitoring the attendance of staff members isn’t always easy, especially if everyone
is on the road seeking new customers. Staffnote, a web based service, supplies a
new way to track staff attendance. Once you establish an account online, you enter
your employee names, assigning a unique password to each. This enables them to
sign in when they’re on the job and sign out when they leave. Staffnote maintains
attendance records on each employee (including tardiness) which both employer
and employee  can view online. Improving turn-around-time for notifications and
answering questions, employers and employees can communicate through the
company’s message board.
Free.  www.staffnote.com

4.  ZohoRecruit
A web based service loaded with extra features like integration with and extracting
resumes from emails and job sites. ZohoRecruit is an efficient tool for enabling
human resource managers to expedite filling positions. Collecting job postings with
job candidates in one listing is a big help. Dashboard with tab based functions makes
ZohoRecruit user friendly especially to anyone familiar with tools for managing
projects. With the free package five job postings can be monitored. Other features
are available with fee-for-service packages.

5.  HireRoom
Small businesses, freelance employers, and corporations with human resource
departments can all benefit from HireRoom. With the growth of on-line and free
-standing employment agencies added to the issues of global recession, every
job posted is inundated with applications, turning filling one position into a multi
-tiered project. HireRoom, a web-based service, creates order out of the
overwhelming chaos of sorting through stacks of resumes. Their methodology
almost sounds too simple to be true, but the service generates positive feedback.
Its basic three-step process is:

(1)  Create an application form with questions unique to the job listing

(2) Rank applicant answers (HireRoom does this for you.)

(3) Evaluate the applicants starting with the highest ranking, eliminating the need
to study each resume in depth.

HireRoom will even send automatic No thank you emails to applicants you decline.
The interview scheduling and communication with applicants can also be completed
through HireRoom.  www.hireroom.com

6.  Evisors
Individuals and employees who want to return to school or make a career change
can be assisted by checking out Evisors, a web based, professional marketplace to
find consultants in a wide variety of fields. Adults returning to school for undergraduate
or graduate work, college or high school students who are seeking career advice can
all benefit from the qualified list of professionals listed on Evisors. The web site
provides information on each consultant which includes their qualifications, fees,
and ratings. You enter the topic you’re interested in, e.g. freelancing, admission
letters, LSAT, interview processes, etc. and a list of consultants is provided with
their ratings by other users. Simply click on the consultant to see their profile page
with qualifications. Consultations can be conducted by telephone or email.    

7.  Corporate Information
Executive job searches can be some of the toughest to fill and quickest to get released
from. If you’re in the market for a job, want to try out a different culture, or want to trade
in your snow skis for a surfboard, Corporate Information is a good place to start.  Their
data base houses more than 31,000 company profiles in fifty-five countries. Get details
by company name, keyword, or ticker symbol.  Corporate Information lists the top 100
companies by margins of operation, sales over three years, market caps, and more. If
you’re thinking about moving to a different country, you can view a company’s affiliates,
security levels, or create customized research. Reports and studies for the  industry
you’re researching are available.           

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