6 Reasons to use an iPhone in Business

When shopping for a phone, you have lots of options. From size to functionality and brand, your choices seem unlimited. Android phones are often a top choice for users, but even with all the significant strides that Android has made in its quest to match and outdo its competitor Apple, the iPhone continues to be the industry leader. Here are six reasons why you should get an iPhone–especially if you are looking for a business phone.


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Software Updates for Years

Most cell phone makers create phones with the newest and greatest technology. Sure, that is outstanding when they are first released, but within a short time, the software becomes outdated. Apple, however, guarantees that the software will continue to update for the life of the phone. For example, although the iPhone 5 is a few years older than the newer iPhone 7, its IOS system is regularly updated. Thus, they are both running the same system technology.

Outstanding Tech Support
Typically, when you discover that your cell phone equipment is not working right or you are having problems, you find yourself dealing with network providers and customer call centers. The process to get your phone fixed is time consuming and often frustrating. However, with the iPhone, all you have to do is walk into any Apple store. There will be plenty of highly trained tech support staff on hand to help resolve your issue.

The Best Apps First
Statistics show that iPhone users use their phones to surf the internet and access mobile data more than Android users. Because app developers want to reach the masses (and iPhone users are obviously the mass), developers often design apps for the iPhone first. With this in mind, developers from Microsoft, Google, and other big-name companies quickly develop and promote excellent business apps. This is perfect for business people who need to get access to documents. Using the iPhone 6S, they can connect to their office computer seamlessly through the best Microsoft and comparable Apple apps.

Apple Product Consistency
If you have every used an Apple product, you should notice that all of their products have similar interfaces. There is a consistent look, feel, and familiarity with each one. This familiarity makes it incredibly easy for users. Once they have learned how to use one Apple product, they can easily use another. So for someone wanting a new cell phone for business, it is great to get a phone that you do not have to relearn where all the apps are and how to use them. Combine the familiar iPhone with an outstanding network such as T-Mobile that provides customers with voice over LTE, and you will not only have a business phone that is easy to use, but one that also provides excellent coverage.

Tight Security: Finger Print Scanner
All cell phones come with the option to configure a pass code that allows access. However, Apple was the first to create a fool-proof security feature only allows those whom you want to have access to your phone. Since the iPhone 5S, fingerprint recognition has been a standard feature that not only allows access to the phone, but it can also be configured to allow for app store and iTunes purchases. This feature makes it quick and easy for the right owner to access everything that he or she needs.

Fewer Malware Issues
It is a known fact that PCs are more at risk for malware problems than Macs, and the same goes for Androids in comparison to iPhones. Sure, hackers have developed malware that can attack the operating system of an iPhone, but due to the way that the systems are designed, it is much easier for them to attack Android operating systems. So, if you are worried about the risks that malware can pose to your business cell phone, consider using the more secure iPhone for your business needs.

Do not wait any longer. Go check out the selection of iPhones and other Apple products to find the right ones for your business needs.

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