15 very useful Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is a powerful web browser and with extensions, you can add more 
features to the browser to help you in your daily activities.
Here is a list of the best 15 we have found.

1. Speed Dial – Allows you to set a panel with favourite blogs/websites.

2. After the Deadline – An intelligent spell, style, and grammar checker.

3. Awesome Screenshot – for the moments when you want to print and edit a screen shot straight from the browser

4. Facebook Activity Feed – A simple way to display Facebook activity feed for any website you visit

5. RSS Subscription Extension – for those who want to extend their reader.
Allows you to manage your subscription effortlessly and has a nice interface.

6. Pixlr Express : Crop, resize and quick fix your images with a lots of easy adjustments and effects!

7. Yahoo! Messenger – for those that use the Yahoo Messenger, this is a pretty useful tool.
Keep in touch with your friends while browsing at your own pace.

8. Google Mail Checker – Straight from the browser, you can access your
Gmail account and save some moments.

9. Google Chrome to Phone Extension – allows you to send links, maps or texts with phone
number to your phone. There’s one condition: the phone has to be on Android

10. TV Chrome – over 2.800 TV channels organized on countries and regions.

11. Feedly – Information created and categorized as you wish. A reader made to
deliver a pleasant, personalized experience with the latest updates, it is more optimized.

12. LastPas – useful for those who struggle saving and protecting their passwords.
Free password and fill-up-forms manager.

13. SEO Site Tools: Great tool for displaying the profile of a website in terms of search engine optimisation.

14: Click&Clean : Deletes your browsing history, typed URLs, Flash cookies, all traces of your
online activity to protect your privacy.

15: Quick Note : Quick Note is especially designed for lightweight note-taking.


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