14 great online resources to help you manage your Business invoicing

Paper invoices can be a hassle whether you’re a one person business or a large company.
Online invoicing makes things simpler for your business and your customers. Most web
based invoicing services offer tracking of outstanding, paid, and pending invoices and
maintain a list of your contacts. Some will automatically send recurring invoices. Maybe
it’s time for you to get rid of the monthly paper hassle.

1.  Invoicera
A multi-tasking, web based app, Invoicera assists small businesses and freelancers to
organize and track numerous customers with ease. Users can track billings and expenses,
create customer files, track project information, add employees, schedule tasks, originate
invoices (with backup), and utilize a variety of payment options. Invoicera creates invoices
in numerous languages with currency conversion. Users can design a unique invoice starting
with one of the templates. The free plan allows three (3) customers with no limit on the number
of invoices and the benefit of sixteen (16) international payment plans. Fee-for-service packages
are available.

2.  Tradeshift
An online invoice tool, Tradeshift is for companies of any size. A paperless invoicing system,
Tradeshift processes and sends your customer their invoices to be paid. Users can easily
access invoice status – rejected, accepted, pending, paid, overdue – enter comments on
invoices, and search backed up files for invoices the customer lost. Tradeshift works with
all browsers, so users can add customers, business contacts, and suppliers to their website,
utilizing it as a social network for expedited communication. Tradeshift is free no matter
what size the company or volume of invoice transactions.  Registration with Tradeshift
makes you a member of an international network of businesses to exchange information.

3.  CronSync
A sophisticated multi-task tool for tracking time and matching that time to specific projects and
invoices, CronSync is an online program with multi-user capability. Access levels to information
are defined by your company. Loaded with tutorials, the program is amazingly user-friendly,
maintaining accurate time spent on employee and freelancer timesheets. Data is tracked and
collated by project, tasks, customers, expenses,and company employees. An expense sheet for
each project is automatically updated through an interface with timesheet entries. Graphics and
reports can be viewed online by the company and customers and downloaded as a PDF file or

The accounting feature creates invoices for each project, making billing management easier.
Timesheet entries automatically update expense reports. The language of the country paying
the invoice along with currency conversion is available to also produce reports and data with
accuracy and add location-based taxes.

4.  Billable
A quick and easy way to design and complete invoices, Billable has a simple template with
designated areas for the user to fill in company information – name, address, phone number,
etc. As you itemize charges on the invoice – product/task name, quantity purchased, price/rate,
Billable automatically completes the total calculation. The value added tax (VAT) is set at 14%
but it can be changed. Your completed invoice can be printed or downloaded in PDF.

5.  Invoice Bubble
Small businesses and freelancers who usually send invoices online will find Invoice Bubble
helpful.   Invoice Bubble includes integration with PayPal through which you can send your
invoice and  receive payment. A bonus function of Invoice Bubble is the ability to pre-set
recurring payments,  e.g. subscriptions to your website or printed material. Invoice Bubble
has a mini-CRM function  that tracks contacts, invoices, and payments. The service is free,
but there is a paid package, which removes Invoice Bubble advertising and branding.

6.  AcceptPay
American Express offers this web based service, AcceptPay, to send invoices and receive
payments electronically. Integrated with QuickBooks, AcceptPay makes viewing receivables
and invoices that are outstanding an easy task. They have both free and paid packages. The
free, AcceptPayLite, permits ten (10) monthly electronic invoices with no limit on the number
of customers they are sent to. Invoices on a recurring basis are included. The paid, AcceptPay
account is a little pricey, but it permits online credit card, ACH, and eCheck payments. Financial
reports are available. By integrating with QuickBooks,  expanded reports are available.

7.  PaperFreeBilling
Have you gone nuts lately trying to find an invoice a customer misplaced? PaperFreeBilling
can help you organize your invoice files to make recovery easy. A web based service, Paper
FreeBilling sends invoices  to your customer emails, and they can make their payment directly
to your PayPal account. Simple, easy, clean, PaperFreeBilling maintains a copy of your invoices
for easy access. Reducing your workload, the service will send thank you notes, process auto
invoices for recurring accounts, and send reminders about late payments. You can choose
between invoices in HTML or PDF.  www.paperfreebilling.co.uk

8.  Invoiceasap
Another easy to mange tool for generating invoices online is Invoiceasap. Without a lot
of  hassle, you can customize your invoices with your logo and company information.
Enter important details about your business such as name, address, payment terms,
and sales  tax rates, invoice numbers, etc. to create your invoice. There is no limit to
the number of products/services you can itemize on an individual invoice. Invoices
can be personalized with a comment such as ‘thank you for your business’ or delivery
information. Once you finish your item list with amounts and prices, Invoiceasap
calculates the subtotal, adds sales tax, and totals the purchase. Changes can be made
as needed before it is finalized. Upon confirmation that the invoice is complete,
Invoiceasap offers you three choices – print, download a copy in PDF, or send it to
your email where you forward it to your customer.  Free.

9.  Recurly
A full service program for managing subscription billing online, Recurly gives you back the
time you would spend managing your subscription processes. Recurly takes responsibility
for generating recurring bills and processes upgrades/downgrades of service, including
cancellations, declined payments, and refunds. It generates customer receipts and overdue
notices, and supports promotions and free trial periods. Also included are tracking analytics
so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your subscription offers.

If this sounds like a system you need, sign-up with Recurly, choose a subscription plan, and
shape your payment plan so you can begin immediately to accept payments for your services.
This can be done by using the hosted Recurly payment pages. Another option is to build your
own subscription page using the Recurly API integration, which lets your customers pay directly
on your page rather than being redirected to the hosted page. Recurly offers two price packages:

Ø  Flat9 rates based on your company’s total number of subscribers. This is free for up to fifty
(50) subscribers.

Ø  Percentage pricing based on your company’s total transactions for the month

Recurly supports international customers converting currency and integrates with local banks
for your convenience. www.recurly.com

10.  BillingBoss
An easy and quick way to produce professional invoices for your small business, BillingBoss
also works well for freelancers. It’s a convenient tool to house all your billing data, create
reports from tracked invoice information, and designate reminder notices. BillingBoss
includes tracking invoice data such as paid, past due, and outstanding to enable you to
manage your business finances effectively. PayPal and merchant accounts can be added
to your invoice so your customers can conveniently pay you online.  BillingBoss is offered
in fourteen (14) languages.  Free. www.billingboss.com

11.  PayItLink
A simple to use web based service, PayItLink makes setting up PayPal convenience for your
customers quick and painless. It’s as easy as typing in your PayPal email address, entering a
product description along with the price, and clicking on the PayItLink button. The system
creates a link to post in your email, Twitter, or IM messages. Your customers are given a
PayPal redirect to log in and pay their invoice with your company.  There is no limit on
the number of payment requests.   Free.  www.payitlink.com

12.  CurdBee
Another online invoicing tool, CurdBee is an integrated system through which businesses
can produce quality invoices which can be customized to incorporate your company logo
and details. Invoices and payments can be processed in numerous currencies through
PayPal or Google Checkout.  CurdBee archives your customer and product/service
information and keeps you informed on the status of invoices – pending, paid, overdue,
etc.  www.curdbee.com

13.  Invoice Journal
A web based tool for managing invoices, Invoice Journal is user friendly and simple to
open and use, a bonus for small businesses and freelancers. Invoice Journal will create,
track, and store your company’s invoices with no limit on the number. The software lets
you design a customized invoice with colors that complement your company logo. The
invoice you create includes company information, tax rates, and add-on charges. Data
can be viewed by customer, invoice number and status, and so forth.

14.  Invoice Place
Invoice Place added extra features to their web based invoice service. Not only does it
create, send, and track your online invoices and give you status reports, it also assists
with the management of postage and handling, quotes on jobs, taxable and non-taxable
items, discounts to your total invoice or a specific item on the invoice, accepts full and
partial payments, and deals with multiple currencies. Your invoices can be directly
emailed to customers or printed and snail mailed. Users can print invoices in Word or
PDF. Available in nineteen (19) countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Australia,
and the United States.

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