10 useful iPad apps for teaching

With the growth in use of the apple ipad and ipad2 there is is growing awareness of its uses in the teaching or instructing environment. To help in this matter I have listed 10 iPad apps that can be useful for this area.

1. Dropbox – You can backup and access your teaching support files and resources online using Dropbox.

2. QuickVoice Recorder – This App will let you record a class or lecture for playback or review in the future.

3. Things for iPad – Useful task Manager and organiser App

4. Discover – This App will allow you easily explore Wikipedia in a simple and intuitive way.

5. Mobile Mouse – Use your ipad as wireless remote control device for your presentations

6. Pages for iPad – Wordprocessing App where you can create great-looking letters, reports, flyers, invitations, and much more

7. Numbers for iPad – Numbers App lets you create spreadsheets in minutes — with tables, charts, photos, and graphics using just your fingers.

8. Goodreader for ipad – GoodReader is the leading PDF reader App for iPad that allows you add notes to your PDF docs

9. Writepad – WritePad lets you take notes in your own handwriting with an iPad stylus pen or even your finger.

10. Evernote – With this App you can record your notes in text or voice format with the ability to handle attachments.

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