Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are made from wood shavings and sawdust. They are used in highly
efficient and convenient automatic wood boilers. Wood pellets burn so
effectively because they have a low moisture and ash content.

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Wood pellets are compact and easy to store. Typically they come in bags,
but they can also be delivered in bulk by truck. Wood pellets can be
ordered from local fuel merchants, and wood pellet stoves and
boilers are now available in Ireland.

Wood pellets are a clean, safe, energy efficient fuel with huge environmental benefits.
They are made from compacted sawdust, compressed into small cylinders.
Their high energy density makes them more efficient than common fossil fuels.

They are locally produced in Ireland & are one of the cheapest fuels available.
They are not linked to unstable global markets so you can be confident you will not be facing huge
energy price increases.

While growing, a tree absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. When burned the wood releases back into
the atmosphere the CO2 required by the tree to grow. The C02 released is the same had the tree died
& rotted naturally, so you can be sure you are not adding anything extra to the environment.
Wood fuel is part of the natural cycle. For our range of wood pellet storage units you can view them here online.

Cost Savings

Major cost savings can be achieved by having a Wood Pellet Boilers

Pellets have the following advantages over other types of wood fuel:-

* Less volume to transport and store (due to higher energy density)
* Fewer deliveries
* Consistent size and moisture content
* Versatility – can be used in stoves and boilers
* Less ash
* Lower emissions CO2 neutral
* Exempt from CO2 tax
* Pellets are dry and can be stored without degrading
* Flow like a liquid and can be used in automatic machinery
* Easier to handle
* Easier to ignite click here to download.


Wood pellets are available in Ireland.
They are CO2 neutral.
They are one of the cheapest fuels on the market.
They have better energy efficiency than any other fuel.
Wood fuel is the natural way to heat our homes.
Ash residue can be used as garden fertilizer.

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