Wood Pellet Burners

Wood pellets burners which include boilers and stoves use Biomass Fuel currently favored by many EU countries. They offer some real life advantages that one may find hard to ignore.

What are the advantages of wood pellet burners?

Some of the fascinating advantages are;

  • Cheap Fuel for space heating and hot water
  • A means of disposal of the huge quantity of waste material generated in saw mills
  • Overcome the shortage of suitable space for land fills
  • It’s an energy efficient fuel
  • Wood Pellet is a recycled waste product
  • It produce less toxic emissions than many other fuels and,
  • It is a Sustainable Biomass Fuel
  • Wood Pellets as an inexpensive Fuel

Wood Pellets are one the most economical modern day fuels to burn in your air tight living room.
The following list of fuels is in the ascending order of current prices based on the demand in a
heating season of 50 million BThUs (lowest at the top).

Fire Wood
Wood Pellets
Fuel Oil #2
Natural Gas
Wood Pellets as a means of Waste Disposal

In the past the saw dust ended up in land fills generating the green house gas Methane during bio degradation.
Manufacture of wood pellets with this waste material to produce an efficiency of up to 90% has proved to be a good green solution.

Shortage of suitable space for Land Fills

This issue has been a major issue in Solid waste disposal especially in urban areas and still is! However the
Wood Pellet Industry has reduced this nagging problem effectively while leaving vast areas free for the disposal of other waste.

Wood Pellet as an energy efficient fuel

The wood pellet production are governed by international norms such as DIN 57131 and “O” Norm M-7135 etc.
according to these the moisture content of the fuels has to be maintained less than 10%.This dryness and high density makes wood pellets a clean burning and highly efficient fuel. The residual material is only about 1% in a good boiler.

Wood Pellets are recycled material

Wood pellets are made of saw dust which otherwise would be disposed of as waste product.
Recycling of same for useful energy and conserving resources is a point in wood pellet boilers’ favor.

Wood Pellet Boilers burn cleaner

The combustion of wood pellets mainly produces only CO2 and water as gases. The solid residue is only about 1% of ash. Accordingly the heated space will have a better Indoor Air Quality.

Wood Pellet is a Sustainable Biomass Fuel

The wood pellets use energy resources obtained from trees, which makes it a long-sustainable energy source.

HES, BER and Wood Pellet Burners

HES scheme (which in implementation heavily rely on BER Advisory Reports) provides several grants and concessions for retrofitting your homes energy usage systems. Wood pellet burner usage for space heating and hot water requirement is one such retrofit.

We will provide: Free information on HES and HES grants, BER certification and assessments, application for concessions etc.Design Supply and installation of High Efficiency Heating with Pellet Boilers, under floor heating etc. All other related services