Wood Pellet Boilers

Our Wood Pellet Boilers are manufactured with output ranges of between 4 to 26kW making these systems ideally suited to both low energy new build homes and retro fit to older properties.

Here are our two main types of Boilers on Offer

  • Wood Pellet Boilers
  • Delux Wood Pellet Boilers

Wood pellet boilers are approved by Sustainable Energy Ireland and therefore qualify for a grant under the greener homes scheme. ( See the Grant Information page )

Why Quality is so Important?
According to the IRBEA ( Irish Bioenergy Association ) “A good quality Wood Pellet Boiler will last longer, be easier to use and have a higher efficiency. Quality costs Money but will save you money in the Long Term”

The BiowWIN Wood Pellet Boiler’s innovative design, style, and precision engineering make it stand out from the competition. Not only does it look good, it is so technologically advanced it will save you money on your energy costs. You can be sure you are buying a quality product from Futura Energy Solutions.

It is an SEI registered product qualifying for a grant under the greener homes scheme. A product that will not let you down, a product that will save you money, a product you will be proud to show off.

An alternative way to heat your home
Wood Pellet Boilers offer you an alternative way to heat your home. These Boilers use wood pellets that are made out of dried recycled compressed sawdust from lumber mills that otherwise ends up in landfills. For our range of wood pellet storage units you can view them here online.

Cost Savings
Major cost savings can be achieved by having a Wood Pellet Boilers
Pellets have the following advantages over other types of wood fuel:-

* Less volume to transport and store (due to higher energy density)
* Fewer deliveries
* Consistent size and moisture content
* Versatility – can be used in stoves and boilers
* Less ash
* Lower emissions CO2 neutral
* Exempt from CO2 tax
* Pellets are dry and can be stored without degrading
* Flow like a liquid and can be used in automatic machinery
* Easier to handle
* Easier to igniteclick here to download.

Our Wood Pellet Boilers and Wood Pellet Stove installation service covers the whole of Ireland.
To find out more about how Futura Energy can help you with the installation of your wood pellet boiler.