Wind Power

This type of energy harnesses the power of the wind to propel the blades of wind turbines. These turbines cause the rotation of magnets, which creates electricity. Wind towers are usually built together on wind farms.

Pros of Wind Power

* Wind power produces no water or air pollution that can contaminate the environment, because there are no chemical processes involved in wind power generation. Hence, there are no waste by-products, such as carbon dioxide.
* Wind generation is a renewable source of energy, which means that we will never run out of it.
* Wind towers can be beneficial for people living permanently, or temporarily, in remote areas. It may be difficult to transport electricity through wires from a power plant to a far-away location and thus, wind towers can be set up at the remote setting.
* Farming and grazing can still take place on land occupied by wind turbines.
* Those utilising wind power in a grid-tie configuration will have backup power in the event of a grid outage.
* Due to the ability of wind turbines to coexist within agricultural fields, siting costs are frequently low.

* Wind power is intermittent in many locations, because consistent wind is needed to ensure continuous power generation. When the wind speed decreases, the turbine lingers and less electricity is generated, thus the production at any time in these places is not fully predictable. In some areas, however, winds are highly reliable, or seasonably predictable.

* Wind farms may be challenged in communities that consider them an eyesore or view obstructor.[4]
* Wind farms, depending on the location and type of turbine, can negatively affect bird migration patterns and pose a danger to the birds themselves. Newer, larger wind turbines have slower moving blades which are visible to birds.

* The effect of large scale wind farms on the climate is unknown, just as the effect of buildings, other man made structures, and agricultural windbreaks have unknown effects on the climate through the extraction of energy from the prevailing wind.

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