Wind Energy

windturbinesWind power is the transformation of wind energy into, usually electricity using wind turbines. By the end of 2006, the use of wind energy has increased producing 74,223 megawatts of power, but this is only 1% of world electricity generated. Wind power is used in large wind farms for a countries national grid and grid-isolated locations.

Wind energy is available through out the year, renewable, and reduces all types of greenhouse CO2, if used to replace electricity produced from fossil fuels. The amount of wind energy available very rarely creates problems when using wind power at low to moderate levels.

Most of this wind energy can be found in high mountains where wind speeds of over 160 km/h (100 mph) are common. The wind energy is changed into electricity through friction.

In the U.S state of Texas there are 46 wind turbines that are generating electricity for 7,300 homes annually. A high percentage of wind energy for large projects is generated in high mountains because the wind speed is constant. Wind energy is one of many energies that will in the future replace fossil fuels.

Alternative energy in the future will be used to supply our homes with power for lighting and heat. This will this help in reducing the “greenhouse effect” and it will also cost much less to provide that power to our homes.

For efficiency, wind farms install a large number of turbines. Since each turbine converts some of the energy of the wind, each turbine must be spaced correctly to prevent energy loss during the turbine.

When the wind farm location is big enough to house turbines, the spacing between turbines is three to five diameters apart in the direction of the strongest wind. This contributes to minimum efficiency loss.

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